Suning finishes third in LPL Summer Split after sweeping LGD

Suning finishes third in LPL Summer Split
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Suning has emerged third in the recently concluded 2020 LPL Summer Split season after securing a 3-0 win over LGD Gaming.

In the game that sees Jungler Lê “SofM” Quang Duy scooping all three Player of the Game awards, Suning came back from game one and looked to be in total control throughout.

 “SofM” showed his mettle throughout the entire series, His top-notch performance eventually earned all three Player of the Game awards. The jungler played on three different champions: Lee Sin, Kayn, and Jarvan with ease.

En route to the team’s victory, the jungler achieved a combined scoreline of 13/15/33 that see him swapping to a more supportive and more carry-oriented role with ease.

During game one, LGD began on a high note by securing a gold lead and maintained it for most of the game. They were coasting to victory which was in sight after reaching a 10,000 gold difference.

But Suning broke their heart. They came back into the game by not giving up as they kept farming and contesting objectives. Suning closed out the first game of the series after a miraculous play by SofM that see them win a fight.

In the second game, Suning took total control as LGD failed to find anything meaningful. SofM secured early leads for his team all over the map after popping off on Kayn.

The jungler was able to secure the win for Suning as he counters ex-SKT jungler Peanut wherever he went. Suning later won the second game on match point after demolishing LGD for over 30 minutes.

The third game was high in intensity as both teams engaged each other as expected. But Suning got the upper hand and was a step closer to winning the match.

LGD attempted reverse sweep in trying to salvage in trying to find a way back into the game having been 2-0 down against the dominant squad and they were successful. This put them in control with early gold leads all across the map.

But they went to the back foot after Suning got their core items and grouped up against them. With such power, Suning won the 28-minute team fight and eventually ended the game.