Stewie and G2 book IEM Dallas playoffs ahead of disappointing Liquid – eSports 

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G2 Esports have given Counter-Strike one of the most shocking results at IEM Dallas after making the playoffs by knocking off hometown boys Team Liquid.

The surprising 2-1 result means that there remains just one North American star left on the Dallas stage as the weekend approaches with G2 stand-in Stewie2K. G2 had a 9-0 run on Inferno, but after the game, in the post-game interview, Stewie showed lack of words after being overwhelmed by the max-regulation decider on Nuke. 

Furthermore, he claimed confidence that the team will finish off their lower bracket, a sentiment he’s held since the win over MOUZ in the semi final.

The 26-year-old has been making steady return to the CS2 competitive scene after staying out of LAN for close to two years. He’s been averaging 0.83 rating in Dallas stating that he’s yet to completely clear his head but that he’s doing his best.

“I feel like I’ve still kind of have a lot in my head remembered and stored, but it’s about getting reps and making better decisions and not hesitating. I was hesitating a lot in the first day, but after playing MOUZ and beating them, I knew the stage was definitely a possibility. I came out with a different type of tenacity today—to be the only NA player on stage.” Stewie said.

Stewie also acknowledged interim captain Niko’s influence in the victory and insists working with him and making the IGL comfortable would get them the win.

Meanwhile, Liquid continues their season at a low level after back-to-back playoff efforts in Chengdu and Malta. They will have to readdress a dismal end to their CS2 season while Stewie and G2 will face FaZe Clan in the IEM Dallas quarterfinals, hoping to keep and extend their remarkable run in Texas alive.