Sett player triple kill after using Showstopper on a Cho’Gath

Sett player triple kill after using Showstopper on a Cho'Gath
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The League of Legends’ resident mob boss, Sett never pick a fight he can’t win.

This was obvious with his power which he showed with the use of Showstopper on a tanky Cho’Gath, which helped him make the Terror of the Void right into their team.

With this kind of newfound power, the opponents were falling as big as they were.

Sett and his explosive ultimate Showstopper ultimate give him the power to suppress the target champion while running forward. In the process of their massacre, he picks them up, and slams them into the ground, leaving them with physical damage, and he gets to reduce the percentage of the target champion’s bonus health by up to 40 percent. This eventually slowed down enemies when they are even at the edge by 99 percent for a second.

Sett’s team were on the losing side in the clip, with just two kills to his eight deaths and the rest of his team have nothing to boast of either. As the Cho’Gath on the enemy team failed to remember that the tankier you are, the more you are easy prey for damage from Sett’s ultimate.

In the game where a 5,000 health Cho’Gath with Gargoyle’s Stoneplate was slammed into a team full of squishy targets, Zyra and Miss Fortune carry health, while Fizz was around 25 percent health. They were all wiped off the face of Summoner’s Rift in one fell swoop.

1,649 HP got healed through his Conqueror rune and Spirit Visage, which gave him the power to punch Cho’Gath to death right after.

Sett had the last laugh as he became a nightmare for the enemy team.

The game got unfortunately prolonged a bit more and Sett’s team lost with the enemy Fizz getting 21 kills by the end of the match.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed