Poor RMR run sees Oceania CS2 region miss first Major in 6 years – eSports 

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This year, the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major will happen in April without an Australian Counter-Strike team. This will be the first time since PGL Major Kraków 2017 that a Major will be held with no Australian team at the Counter-Strike Major. 

Grayhound failed to carry the cross of responsibility with their terrible run at the Asia-Pacific RMR on Wednesday, February 28, which served as their qualifier route.

On Monday, February 26, Grayhound dropped to the lower bracket, although they defeated JiJieHao and ATOX before clashing with Lynn Vision. 

Lynn Vision, the Chinese team, lost Vertigo on the first map, but they managed to do enough to better Grayhound despite losing the first map, Vertigo. Earlier on Wednesday, February 28, The Mongolz took the first spot at the Major by completing their sweep of the RMR and defeating Lynn Vision.

In the game between Lynn Vision and Grayhound, the latter took Vertigo after some perilous T-side and stellar defense on the CT side in the second half. However, after that, Anubis and Nuke didn’t go the way of the Aussies, as they secured only two rounds in the first half and effectively lost the opening three in the second.

Unfortunately, what Australian CS2 fans have been able to do in each major since ELEAGUE Boston 2018 onward won’t be available this year. Only two teams have been switching the Oceanic representative slot between themselves at the Valve-sponsored events. 

Unfortunately, the streak ended with the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major. Grayhound was present at the last two Majors in Paris and Rio de Janeiro, but their absence in Denmark could negatively impact the organization and its players in terms of revenue with sticker money, etc.

While the Asian-Pacific teams have already secured qualification, Americas RMR, which will determine five participants from the two continents ahead of the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major will begin on March 17.