Nitr0, M80 fail to reach an agreement as negotiations collapse – eSports 

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Negotiations for a deal that was expected to bring Nitr0 back into Counter-Strike 2 have fallen through in the last stage. Reports indicated that Nitr0 was in negotiations with the American organization M80.

The reports showed that Nitr0 was close to joining M80 after extensive signing talks behind the scenes. M80 was keen on replacing Mario “malbsMd” Samayoa, who will be leaving the squad soon, with nitr0, but with the failure of both parties to reach a contractual agreement, Nitr0 remains without a team and continues searching.

Getting a new team shouldn’t be a problem for Nitr0, which has had a lot of interest coming from North America. However, it is surprising that NA heavyweight Team Liquid and Complexity have not shown any interest in bringing in the seasoned IGL.

Although Team Liquid is searching for an IGL, they have chosen to explore the market for options aside from Nitr0, while Complexity is satisfied with its current leadership.

Meanwhile, reasons for the collapse between nitr0 and M80 were based on failure to agree on roles, as M80 most recently brought in Elias “s1n” Stein as their new IGL. There was no compromise to be reached on this split⁠, eventually putting the two negotiating bodies at the far end of a possible deal.

In the meantime, Nitr0 is still expected to find a new home in Counter-Strike 2, with NRG touted as his best chance. This is major because moving to NRG will potentially reunite him with his former teammates under the Team Liquid banner, oSee, and coach daps.

M80 fans have reacted happily to the collapse deal as they insist that M80 doesn’t need an IGL but instead should add more firepower although neutrals who still want more of Nitr0 are optimistic of an alternative move soon.

M80 will be in action at the ESL Challenger League Season 48 North America on July 15.