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One of the veterans and legends of League of Legends, Faker, has demanded that some of the issues he’s been experiencing on the LoL must be fixed to maintain professionalism in esports.

The veteran, who has spent around ten years or more on the scene, has been experiencing two specific issues recently, and on Tuesday, he posted a video where a couple of players discussed some specific topics on esports, but the biggest part was Faker mentioning DDoSing.

DDoSing is an online attack that is targeted at disconnecting players from their current games while there are still personal attacks that constitute problems which Faker insists Riot Games still needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

“Online streams and personal attacks still remain, and it’s crucial for these concerns to be addressed. If left unresolved, it could gradually undermine the value of esports.” Faker said.

His explanations indicate that if this issue isn’t sorted, it will affect the tests and practices of pro players who may have no ground to test and practice their skills outside official scrims.

If this happens, it will affect the level of competition, which may go down. However, Faker’s call is not new, and his experience isn’t the first, as DDoSing has been an ever-present issue since League’s esports started in 2011. 

Cyber attacks on pro-LoL players are either for the entertainment of the hackers, but some others have something against the players. Being South Korean, Faker has played most of his career in his home continent, where esports is more popular than in Europe or North America. 

Unarguably, there are a lot of esports fans in the region, and many of them have noticed how Faker cannot play soloQ without being DDOS. While it is something that can be addressed, some fans still believe it is impossible to stop online attacks with the tools currently available.