New client bug surfaces on League of Legend

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Another client bug has surfaced in the League of Legends, adding to Riot’s many complaints to fixing the game.

The latest development takes the advocacy of many players for fixing the bugs to another level.  This complaint is not even coming from just one person, but multiple persons.

They have therefore raised another complaint recently. This is following the report by many who reported that players who accept invites from their friends don’t show up in the game, all thanks to the devastating blog, making it impossible to start the match.

The same problem had occurred in EU West, as many who want to run any matches as a group has been affected.

Reacting to the complaint via a statement posted on its Twitter handle, Riot acknowledged the complaints, adding that an investigation is ongoing on the matter.

It further admitted that enough information had not been received on the bug yet. Riot then also expressed its appreciation to those who raised the complaints, adding that such always helps to find potential issues ahead of time.

Meanwhile, Riot has made a temporary fix which some players have reported.  The fix repeatedly changes the game mode from regular Summoner’s Rift to ARAM.  Although not a guaranteed fix, some players say it can fix things for a while, and others have suggested that players log in and out after every game.

Riot has been battling a lot of bugs over the past few days. Some players have run into a bug in champion select, preventing them from switching champs with their teammates. They were then forced to playing a role that they weren’t comfortable with.

This was a huge challenge for players that featured in the Clash tournaments held over the weekend. As a result of this, some teams have lost their bracket.

If these issues continue to occur, friends won’t be able to play together again.

Written by Oladipupo Mojeed