LPL Summer Split: Ning leads IG to a win against Rogue Warriors

LPL Summer Split
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Invictus Gaming has continued their push for the top of the LPL Summer Split standings with a solid show and defeated Rogue Warriors in the 2020 LPL Summer Split with two sub-30-minute games.

IG’s world champion jungler, Ning, took the team’s early game, a feat that he’s not usually known for, and he didn’t disappoint. In the first game,  he chose Rek’Sai and went for Lee Sin in the second. He was rewarded with the MVP votes in both games for his marvelous performances.

He was dominant in the first game on Rek’Sai as he secured early leads in every lane, funneling resources into his lane, which made things easier for his team as they wrapped up winning the laning phase.

Using Rift Herald, dragons, and Tower Plates, RW obtained some early objectives, but it was insignificant as IG had already acquired a significant lead after picking up the Baron. IG led with over 10,000 gold and quickly finished the game.

In the second game, RW swapped out their solo laners, but that didn’t stop IG for clearing out the series. This time around, Ning went for his famous Lee Sin pick and continued from where he stopped in the first game by creating early leads in every lane in preparation to counter gank RW.

Since they could not secure any lead in any lane, RW fell like a pack of cards off over time, and they lost objectives and continuously fell behind in items. IG, with its early lead of more than 12,000 gold, had picked up the first Baron at around 20 minutes and pushed to end the game.

In the game, TheShy also gave himself a good account of himself after poor performances over the last couple of months. This time around, he played safe and didn’t overextend. This shows that he can adapt and be a beacon in the top lane for his team without dying too often.

Next on IG’s schedule is a clash against EDG. This game scheduled for June 21 will give them a shot to reach the top of the LPL Summer Split standings.