How VALORANT player used teleporter on Bind to secure round win

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A VALORANT player had proven that sometimes it’s all about mind games when he succeeded in using teleporter thrice on Bind to secure a hilarious round win.

It is important to know that three maps in VALORANT have their respective unique flair to every match.

For instance, Bind is a special map because it consists of two teleporters that can instantly send a player across the map. A player on Wednesday night used the teleporters to their highest potential and, he succeeded in deceiving his enemies by teleporting thrice to secure a clutch ace and round win.

How was he able to do this? He shared the clip, which started with his team getting shut down on the B site after he had recorded two quick kills.

After taking the first teleporter, he was immediately told by his teammates to make “the ultimate play” by teleporting back to B. After doing this; his teammates were surprised to see him rotate back out to B long and take the teleporter once more to give the enemy team the runaround of a lifetime.

He got the last two kills eventually and grabbed one of the funniest pistol aces and clutches in the closed beta.

Teleporting is interesting in VALORANT, especially on Bind. On this map, players can throw weapons and abilities through them as well. So, players can fool enemies because it is the same sound that they make when they enter the teleporter to throw pistols and other things through.

With the ability to teleport, players find it easy to rotate from sites if an initial push goes wrong. Teleporters stop defending players from rotating over to help out on sites too quickly. This is because attackers can instantly take a teleporter to the opposite side of the map.

When a player is trying to clutch out a game for his team, all he needs to do sometimes is to throw a curveball into the mix, which can make all the difference.

This is one of the ways you can leave your opponents roasted.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed