G2’s general manager says scrim results impressive despite early exit at MSI – eSports 

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The European region didn’t have a good result at the MSI as MAD Lions were eliminated early and G2 Esports, who were the last hopes of the Europeans, but even they themselves couldn’t best BiliBili Gaming on Tuesday as they fell 3-1 In the losers, ‘ bracket.

The General Manager of G2, Romain Bigeard, has chosen to look at the positives instead of the disappointment of the campaign. Bigeard tried giving the fans of G2 some encouragement with scrim results from MSI on Wednesday, just about twenty-four hours after they were eliminated.

It’s not a new thing that Romain is tracking Scrim results as it has become habitual for him to track the results of his team since the start of the season and even releasing some training results previously.

Meanwhile, the statistics revealed that G2 had a win rate of well over 50% after gaining 39 wins in 62 matches which translates to 63% specifically. The LEC team’s results and win against Eastern teams was at 52% from 15 wins and fourteen losses.

General Manager failed to show the details of scrimmed results against teams, and neither were the won or lost results shown even though G2’s head coach Dylan Falco explained that they practised a lot against the Chinese team and got some positive results. These he revealed after the G2 vs. BLG series, and unfortunately, they could not transition it into the competitive stage.

The numbers from the General Manager’s tracking has shown that G2 had the potential before the start of the MSI and could have had the result against BLG.

The questions will continue to go on whether Eastern teams sandbag in scrims or are G2 the ones failing to deliver when it matters most. The answers will continue to unravel better with time.

Daniel Ademiju Idowu