G2 returns to Call of Duty League through RØKKR, Version1 merger – eSports 

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G2 has found its way back into the Call of Duty League after months of speculation, as Version1 confirmed on Tuesday that G2 will take control of the Minnesota RØKKR’s Call of Duty League slot.

The organization, established in 2014, grew to become one of the most recognized esports organizations in the world. G2 has teams it fields in the League of Legends, VALORANT, Counter-Strike 2, and other esports competitions. 

One of the organization’s teams, the League team, in particular, has won 11 domestic titles. However, the German esports organization’s brief time on the CoD scene in 2018 was very short, as the team for Black Ops 4 was disbanded just after a year.

However, the organization wants to take another step into the COD scene with just a few days away from the kick-off of the 2024 CDL season. 

G2 is back through the merger door after Version1 announced G2’s merger on Tuesday, Dec. 5 through Version1 COO Brett Diamond who announced the news of the merger with G2. 

“G2 will receive operating rights to the Minnesota RØKKR Call of Duty League team. Going forward, the Version1 brand will no longer be fielding competitive teams or active content creation.” Diamond said. 

Version1’s previously presented teams in Rocket League and VALORANT and the RØKKR roster for the COD, and they have already announced a new roster featuring Accuracy, Lynz, Owakening, and Vivid.

Despite the merger, Minnesota RØKKR will not rebrand for the 2024 CDL season. The reports about a merger Minnesota RØKKR have been making the rounds since April when they were exploring either selling the CDL spot or merging the franchise.

Meanwhile, the first CDL match for Minnesota after the merger will be on Saturday, Dec. 9, against the Vegas Legion. There is no information yet from the CDL as regards the viewing details of the 2024 matches.

Daniel Ademiju Idowu