FURIA co-owner reveals plans for CS2 roster after early tournament exits – eSports 

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FURIA’s Counter-Strike roster is about to get a lot of makeovers in recent weeks after one of the organization’s co-owners confirmed the plans. FURIA has been disappointing in recent tier-one events and hasn’t had the best couple of months, as they failed to achieve meaningful results at tier-one tournaments. Most recently, FURIA was knocked out of the IEM Chengdu 2024 lower bracket by HEROIC on April 9, putting an end to their journey in the CS2 tournament.

The loss prompted co-owner of the org, Andre Akkari, to comment about what lies ahead for the roster on social media while explaining what is set to come.

“FURIA’s moment in CS requires changes, and they will be done, [in] the smartest and possible way we can, and in [the] short-term. We never ran away from change. When it doesn’t happen, it’s for two reasons: We don’t want to change, or it’s not possible due to dates, market availability, or money,” he added.

He didn’t give more details beyond that; he also failed to mention any potential player who is being eyed by the bosses on the roster. Nevertheless, the announcement by Akkari is not surprising especially with recent events.

The timeline saw IEM Katowice 2024 happen with FURIA finishing in 21-24th place, although they qualified to the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major by sweeping the American RMR and made the Elimination Stage, where they were dispatched with a 0-3 record.

The ongoing IEM Chengdu is FURIA’s most recent event, where FalleN and his men have only managed to win just one best-of-one series in China. That was the opening series where they defeated Lynn Vision 13-9 before losing 2-1 to both MOUZ and HEROIC, respectively. The performance was generally bad, as their 32-year-old leader emerged as the only player from the roster who finished with a positive KD ratio.