Everything you need to know about HomeStory Cup XII

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Everything you need to know about HomeStory Cup XII

The much loved HomeStory Cup is almost upon us once again, when players and fans alike will have the pleasure of enjoying another edition of the intimate series. The event has been growing ever since its inception in September 2010 and this December, Dennis “TaKe” Gehlen will be proud to present the 12th edition of the tournament he launched. This year’s event is taking place Dec 17 – 20. 

TaKe, a 29-year-old former player and popular caster, came up with the original concept for the event which has developed from very humble beginnings over the years.

TaKe’s stream popularity helped establish his name in the StarCraft community and with an adoring fan base and a strong influence in the sector, the German star was ideally placed to make things happen and attract key early players.

Back in 2010, he rearranged his flat in Krefeld and invited eight top European players to participate in a semi-serious tournament. The event took the catchy name of HomeStory Cup and was essentially a house party, where StarCraft was played for the modest prize of 500 Euros.

It wasn’t the token cash pot that tempted the players but rather the informal structure of the event and easy going attitude between competitors appealed to them.

In those days it wasn’t really that serious an event. There was a competitive atmosphere, but it was described as friendly and open as the players would chat and socialise after games.

The players would join casting before or after the games while its casual, unstructured and relaxing atmosphere meant it was a break from the stress and pressure of expectations of associated with the more serious tournaments. Gradually, it did become better known and as it did, it also developed and began attracting more players and a wider interest.

In parallel with its growth in popularity, the prize pool was also increased. Having started with eight invitees to the first edition, the tournament currently has a cap of 32 players, eight of whom have to qualify while the majority (24) are invitees.

The latest edition was held at a bigger scene (local club Königsburg) in front of a live audience for the first time. It adopted a more European tournament outlook – four groups of eight players, each facing each other in a best of three matches, without winners’ and losers’ brackets being involved.

The first two from the group advance to the round of 16, where the format is the same; except there are four groups of four players. Similarly, the winners here go to a quarterfinal stage played in a best of five matches. The two that make it to the final grab the prize with a best of seven format.  Despite its still prevailing casual nature, the tournament’s current lucrative prize pool of $25,000 will be tempting enough for the players to ensure they put out their best game.

The tournament has been won by nine different players, five European and four Korean gamers. The most successful player in the event’s history is the Korean TaeJa, who won it on three consecutive occasions – HomeStory cups VII, VIII and IX. So far, the most dominant are Protosses with five gold medals, followed by Terrans with four and Zerg with only two wins.

The qualified players for tournament which starts on 17th December and finishes on 20th December are: PtitDrogo, GungFuBanda, uThermal, MarineLorD, Reality, Nerchio, Guru, NoRegreT and ElaZer, while the full list of the 24 invitees will be announced in the next couple of days. It is the first HomeStory Cup to be held at TaKe’s new 2,000 sqm studios in Krefeld and promises to be a fascinating eSports betting event with Dafabet.