Damwon Gaming returns to the summit of LCK Summer Split after hard-fought win over Gen.G

summit of LCK Summer Split
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Damwon Gaming has returned to the summit of the 2020 LCK Summer Split standings after a crucial 2-1 victory against Gen.G.

In the highly-anticipated matchup, both League of Legends teams that have been solid over their past few games,  Gen.G had some sloppy wins, but Damwon was unstoppable. They were able to do that during the series.

In the first game, the Canyon show, Damwon’s jungler roamed everywhere farmed well to ensure his team secured all possible advantages around the map.

With his pressure, he ended up topping the damage chart out of all present players in the game, while Canyon became the decisive factor in Damwon’s wins.

The jugler won both Player of the Game awards for games one and three after putting on a good show in the first game with Nidalee and ended the game without recording a single death with a 5/0/3 scoreline. It could be recalled that he used the champ to pick up the first pentakill by a jungler in LCK last month.

Gen. G restored parity in the second game as it was the complete opposite of the first. They were able to win this after picking up the slack and delivered crucial blows in all lanes.

Although Clid suffered two worth deaths, Gen picked up crucial objectives in the process despite several attempts by Damwon’s mid-laner Showmaker, who tried to stop them from equalizing the game. He had to give up after being left alone in the desert. His teammates had experienced too many deaths in every lane.

Damwon finally secured the game after Canyon turned things around with a last-round Karthus pick.

In the showdown, Canyon secured leads everywhere on the map due to the champion that fit Damwon’s composition perfectly.

With 100-percent kill participation toward the end and a 5/3/11 scoreline, his presence was felt by all of Gen.G.

The victory improved Damwon’s stats to 12-2 in the 2020 LCK Summer Split, and they have currently tied in the first place with DRX. while Gen.G that has 10-4 stats are tied in third place with T1.