Cloud9 experiences further slum after recording their first 0-2 week since 2018 LCS Summer Split

LCS Summer Split update
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The bad form of Cloud9 has continued after losing two consecutive games for the first time since the 2018 LCS Summer Split.

The LCS Champions have failed to live up to their tag after showing some form of dominance in the North American League of Legends after their unstoppable 2020 Spring Split performance. 

Having been the opposite this summer, they have only won two out of eight games in the second half of the 2020 LCS Summer Split.

C9 put themselves in the bad record book when they recorded two straight losses against a rising TSM squad and a Golden Guardians team. The two sides have now won three consecutive games. 

Both teams recorded shocking wins over C9, which would not have been expected at the beginning of the season.

Meanwhile, many pundits have tried stating the reason behind the failure of C9 in the ongoing tournament. Some had blamed them for their earlier draft experimentation. But this has proven not to be the case after a few disappointing losses. The roster had played some of the games on comfort champions, which led to more confusion.

Speaking with Inven Global in an interview, talented mid-laner Nisqy stated that C9’s current meta showed that they are unsure what’s the best strategy to adopt or how to defeat their opponents.

It was also noted that their drafts have been off-putting. An instance was their game against Golden Guardians, which they lost. In the game, they went for picked Zoe, Aphelios, and Nautilus, which are all comfort picks. 

Golden Guardians went for the Morgana beforehand, and they were great picks.

With a new meta in place, some pundits also said that C9 seems not to have adjusted too well to the new meta, while other teams are catching up and adjust accordingly.