2020 Summer Split: TES gets clean sweep against JD Gaming; IG wins Suning

2020 Summer Split TES gets clean sweep against JD Gaming; IG wins Suning
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TES top laner Bai “369” Jia-Hao and bottom laner JackeyLove were voted the MVP  after Top Esports defeated defending champions, JD Gaming  2-0 in the LPL Spring Split champions.

The duo got rewarded with the MPV votes after good performances on Kayle and Ezreal, respectively.

369 Marshalled the first game as the TES chose Kayle as a counter pick to JDG’s pick, Ornn. He succeeded in farming safely early on until his level-six power spiked with Gunblade.369 gained total control of the game in the lane with this power spike, which allowed his team to funnel resources into the bottom lane and dragon pit.

As Kayle snowballed and all objectives under wraps, TES easily pushed JDG into their base and won the game.

In game two, it was a close tie as JDG took the upper hand early. JackeyLove however, took over the game with only a couple of kills as the opponent had no answers to the fed enemy Ezreal, and Top quickly secured a clean sweep.

TES has shown dominance for some years, as they often finish in the top three during the regular seasons and playoffs. Recently, they recorded success at the Mid-Season Cup. This could propel them to finally getting their much-deserved LPL champion title.

Next on the plate of TES are clashes against much weaker teams scheduled for next week. With this, they are expected to get comfortable rides over their respective opponents.

Pundits expect TES to easily secure two clean series against OMG and LGD, who are both considered bottom-of-the-barrel teams.

In the other week two game. Invictus Gaming went past Suning. All thanks to  Rookie, who provided a phenomenal performance that secure the win for IG  in a well-fought League of Legends series.

Rookie was on Orianna in the first game while he went for Zoe in the second game. He performed brilliantly in the first game but had a poor performance for most of the second match. He later got a clean sweep for his team in the end when he stole Baron from Suning in the mid-game, which prevented his team from losing. As IG’s focus was getting dragons, Suning was interested in picking up towers.

As TheShy died on a couple of times, Suning’s top laner snowballed, and they ended on losing.