Yay to take a break from VALORANT pro, cites health reasons – eSports 

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VALORANT star Yay has revealed that he will be away from professional VALORANT play temporarily due to health issues. The player has endured a couple of controversies and poor performances in the VCT 2024 Pacific League’s first split. BLEED Esports confirmed the news about the 25-year-old while pledging to support Yay during the period.

Quite concerning, it is the second time that Yay will take a break from VALORANT at BLEED, with both cited health-induced breaks. The first time was in September 2023, when he just joined as he missed the VALORANT ONE Pro Invitational, which he blamed on “unforeseen health issues.”

“Health and wellness are at the forefront of our priorities at BLEED. Yay will be missed as he gets back to 100 percent, but he has our full support throughout this return.” the org’s chief operating officer Ian Huston said on Monday.

Yay’s latest competition was a huge disappointment by his standards at the VCT Pacific’s first split, where the roster lost five series and won just once. For further context, Yay’s first win of the year since leaving Cloud9 last year was in Bleed’s only win against DetonatioN FocusMe.

This has forced him to temporarily step away from his professional VALORANT career as Bleed lost a series against Paper Rex and DRX right after.

Furthermore, his pro-VALORANT career was enmeshed in controversies as retired pro Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar accused him as a difficult teammate as well as bribing coach OCEAN during his stint in Disguised.

Meanwhile, Yay came public with some of the health problems he deals with in February, citing blurry vision, which many fans alleged cost his team crucial rounds against Global Esports at the VCT Pacific Kickoff. 

However, it is not known if the recent announcements are linked to those same conditions, but nevertheless, Bleed has clarified they will hope he returns soon even though they will have to seek a replacement for him in the meantime as they don’t have a sixth man.