XDefiant devs confirm modes coming in season one – eSports 

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There is good news for a particular section of esports fans as a developer heeds the demands of its fans. XDefiant developers have revealed their plans to give in to the requests of the fans and have confirmed that one of the most requested game modes will be released in the season one release.

XDefiant was released, and players have continued to enjoy the game while demanding the inclusion of more game modes. Now that the developers have answered one call, they have added one more bonus by planning to release the game much earlier than initially planned.

The developers have included Team Deathmatch with another big mode that will arrive in season one as well. XDefiant developers made a video for the upcoming season where they answered questions from fans.

They also confirmed a game mode that they are working on, Search and Destroy game mode, which was planned to be released in the first week. However, there was a change in the plan for the game as the developers tilted towards the fans’ comments and desire for the game mode to arrive in XDefiant, forcing the change in the roadmap.

The new Search and Destroy mode called The Bomb will be added in season one. Furthermore, other features coming in XDefiant include a Prestige system and a killcam, although their full release dates remain undisclosed.

Furthermore, they confirmed that there will be an upgrade to the Weapon Mastery system while there will be a private match feature with XDefiants, saying that feature will be important for XDefiant’s planned tournaments and esports.

The developers also say that three new weapons will be available for free in the battle pass at the start of every new season, saying that they will be available all through the challenges in the future, even if players don’t unlock them in time.

XDefiant season one will start on Tuesday, July 2, and will stay live for three months before a close date is released.