TI 6 Team Preview: Fnatic

The International 6 Fnatic
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TI 6 Team Preview: Fnatic

Fnatic have a reputation of being one of the best teams in the SEA Region alongside MVP. Their key player is veteran Mushi, who laid the foundations of the current roster back in June 2015 when his Team Malaysia outfit was signed by the Fnatic organization.

The lineup has undergone several changes since, but Chong Xin “Ohaiyo” Khoo has always been integral. Djardel Jicko “DJ” Mampusti was added in August, while Yeik Zheng “MidOne” Nai was spotted by Mushi and picked as a pubstar last December. The latest addition, Adam Erwann “343” Shah, was promoted from sub in March this year, completing the current roster.


Chai Yee “Mushi” Fung (c) – position 1/2
Yeik Zheng “MidOne” Nai – position 1/2
Chong Xin “Ohaiyo” Khoo – position 3
Djardel Jicko “DJ” Mampusti – position 4
Adam Erwann “343” Shah – position 5


2016 achievements:

StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 – 3rd

ESL One Manila – 3rd-4th

The Shanghai Major – 5-6th

The Manila Major – 5-6th

The Summit 5 – 5-6th


Current form:

July – 60.00% win rate (6 wins, 4 losses)


Top 6 most picked heroes this month:

Hero Picks Win %
Juggernaut 8 75.00%
Shadow Demon 7 71.43%
Ember Spirit 7 57.14%
Batrider 6 66.67%
Faceless Void 6 50.00%
Riki 6 50.00%


Top 5 most banned heroes this month:

Hero Bans Win %
Batrider 13 61.54%
Invoker 11 72.73%
Elder Titan 11 54.55%
Beastmaster 8 75.00%
Timbersaw 7 57.14%


Fnatic made their mark earlier this year in Shanghai where they surprised everyone with their 5-6th ranking. This boosted their confidence and ever since they have provided a strong challenge for the top Dota 2 teams.

One of their strengths is Mushi, who bears the burden of being captain, drafter and the source of inspiration for his teammates. Although he is past his prime in regard to mechanical skills, Mushi’s experience and composure have been of great help to the younger and more inexperienced players such as MidOne. However, the team have also proven they can do well without him and set a record of 22 unbeaten games in the SEA region during his absence in February. His unstable plays since his return have started talk in the community about his retirement.

The star player in recent times has been DJ, who has been demonstrating stellar performances as a playmaker and tempo-dictating Support with Junglers such as Enchantress, Chen and Enigma. His spectacular Black Hole against LGD in Manila and Enchantress play versus DC during StarLadder made the difference for his team.

Fnatic generally like to pick heroes with whom they are comfortable. Juggernaut and Ember Spirit are heroes who are successfully handled by both Mushi and MidOne. Fnatic also like to draft initiators such as Batrider and Faceless Void.

Their recent performances are nearing those of the top teams and they are capable of playing on par with them. However, they still need to improve both their drafting and execution in order to be consistent. Reaching 5-6th spot in both Majors, Fnatic are very likely set for a good performance on The International stage.