Riot unifies LCS, CBLOL, LLA in VALORANT-like approach to LoL eSports – eSports 

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Riot Games has dropped one of the most anticipated and interesting story in this sport after they confirmed on Tuesday that the anticipated merger for American League of Legends will happen.

Riot Games announced that there would be a new dual-conference Americas League. This new league will be formed by merging the LCS, CBLOL, and LLA competitions. However, there will be North American and South American conferences in the new formation but the LCS and CBLOL teams will take part in each separately.

Furthermore, the classification of the LLA as a tiered region will cease change and it will be given a slot in each of the Americas conferences. The end game will be similar to the sister VALORANT title as the top-tier competition in the Americas will now be the American Champions Tour which will consist of players and squads based in both continents.

Riot Development update of June 11 is an agenda to make its tier-one ecosystem across League esports more simple. Also, it’s not going to be the last merger that will be made before the 2025 League season, as there’s an expected coming together in the Asian subregion, with China’s LPL and Korea’s LCK coming together next year. 

The American and Pacific regions will also emulate Europe and the Middle East, after both subregions consolidated in 2022.

Meanwhile, professional teams from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Vietnam, and Oceania will now feature in this new multi-region league.

Riot is expected to coordinate the sharing of slots in the APAC division, although they are expected to inherit all four qualification slots from the semi-combined PCS (two) and Vietnam’s VCS (two).

The 2024 LCS Summer Split begins this Saturday, June 15 but more specific details on the after effects of this merger will be released later.