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REJECT WINNITY has made a milestone after they became the first APAC North team to ever win an Apex Legends Global Series LAN. The team managed the feat on a championship that has a lot of other stronger and dominant regions like APAC South and North America.

The team was comprised of the South Korean trio of Obly, KaronPe, and SangJoong who pushed the team to become the first team aside TSM, DarkZero, or Reignite to win the competition.

The team consistently ran a Watson from the beginning, the only team in the finals lobby to do that, and managed their defensive pick to match FNATIC for the most kills in the final lobby.

The feat was outstanding as DarkZero looked set to pick up another LAN trophy again until a tough rotation for DarkZero saw some third parties made REJECT take up residence in all spaces in the last zone. REJECT went on to defeat fan-favorites Disguised and Cloud9 to emerge winners.

One of REJECT’s key players, Obly, admitted that there was a moment of realization of the possibilities for the team.

“We had a very slow start [in the final game], and we were just going slowly, approaching the ring, and we spotted some teams fighting. That’s the moment we realized, ‘Oh, we can win this. I must admit, I think controller players have the edge. But Apex Legends, it’s a team game. An individual player could have higher firepower, but if the synergies are bad, it can go wrong [for that team]. So we feel that even as mouse and keyboard players, if the team synergy is strong, we have a decent chance to win as well.” Obly told Dot Esports

The TSM lineup of ImperialHal, Reps, and Albralelie won the Preseason Invitational in 2019 as an all-mouse-and-keyboard team; REJECT have now emulated that status to win an ALGS LAN.