OG brings in South American Dota 2 star for DreamLeague Season 22 – eSports

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OG has continued to make big changes to its squad in the 2024 season, as the Dota 2 team revealed another change on Thursday. The team moved its position one player, Yuragi, to an inactive position.

That was not the only change made, as OG brought in ex-TSM star Timado as Yuragi’s temporary replacement. While a substantial and permanent replacement will be made soon, OG could not afford to keep the position vacant due to the packed calendar.

The number of third-party events this year forced the team to the market for an urgent stand-in. The candidate to stand in was confirmed after Timado’s addition through registration for DreamLeague Season 22.

Timado has long been anticipated by the fans who have speculated how he will slot into OG, long before he was even confirmed for DreamLeague S22 as a temporary fit.

OG has been shuffling its squad since the start of the 2024 Dota 2 season when SA offlaner Wisper was added, and he has had a great first few months with the squad. 

Finding a position-one player in free agency was difficult due to a lack of options, but the SA player, Timado, is a solid option for OG. Even though Timado is a temporary option, if he performs well during his time there, he could become a permanent part of the team, as he does not have a team yet.

If OG didn’t get Timado, Watson was another option after he achieved some impressive Dota 2 milestones in 2023. Another option is 16-year-old wonderkid Satanic.

Timado’s experience on the competitive scene as a player compared to the other two made him a better option. When his contract with TSM expired, he joined his former team, Team Undying, for the new season. 

Daniel Ademiju Idowu