NAVI beats FaZe to win PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 – eSports 

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The first-ever winners of the CS2 Major have emerged, and it is NAVI who have cemented their place in history books after emerging as the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 champions.

They had to beat FaZe in Denmark to achieve the fear with their international roster. It was the first three-map Major Grand Final since 2018. NaVi had two players who remained from the 2022 team that lost the PGL Major Antwerp Final to FaZe with both b1t and B1ad3.

NAVI took Ancient confidently, and they looked comfortable in Map 1 of the series, but FaZe tied the series with a 13:2 Mirage. The final map was on Inferno, and NAVI went in with an imperious form, winning the map 13:3, to win the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 trophy in the process. 

“I am truly grateful to be here with this team and all the legendary members. We all worked really hard, and it paid off. Special shoutout to @Navi_B1ad3, who is literally a fucking genius and helps me develop every day. Love this team, thanks for all the support,” NAVI analyst Flashie said.

FaZe Clan secured a ticket to the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major grand final after a close series against Team Vitality, while NAVI got past G2 Esports. Karrigan’s men in CS2 have won three of the seven tier-one events finals they played in, and not even a roster change could stop them.

The majority of NAVI’s players performed optimally in the final, but Akeksib stood out in leading Natus Vincere to the organization’s second Counter-Strike Major, which was his personal second Major final. His first chance at a trophy was at IEM Katowice 2019 with ENCE, but he failed to get a victory against Astralis.

Aside from NAVI’s sniper, w0nderful, jL’s form in playoffs also showed in the final as he and b1t topped the scoreboard with 46-29 and 51-34 KD ratios, respectively.