Mozaki Cabal Acolyte added to part of Hearthstone’s Scholomance expansion

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Hearthstone has added Master Duelist, Mozaki, to its upcoming Scholomance Academy expansion.

This is a significant addition to the expansion, knowing fully well the capability Mozaki. With Mozaki, players can cast a spell which will result in spell damage +1 with the five-cost Mage Legendary that has three attacks and eight health.

The card is reasonably affordable, as it is a budget Malygos. Especially for its health features, it has great stats with tons of potential in a constructed environment.

With Mozaki’s high health, Mage is a class full of low-cost spells. This will allow players to pull off a devastating combo on their opponents easily.

Meanwhile, Cyclone Mage is also a contender, but multiple decks can use the card. Being a must-remove card, Mozaki is not taken off the board immediately due to its immense value.

The Scholomance Academy will arrive on the list servers on August 6. But there is a pre-order opportunity for fans from July 23 in one of two bundles from Blizzard’s online store.

Another addition to the Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy expansion is Cabal Acolyte.

As the Priest gets better by the minute, Cabal Acolyte’s addition is expected to be another tremendous addition. The card has two attacks, six health, and Spellburst, a four-cost epic Priest minion.

With Cabal Acolyte, you can control a random enemy minion with two or fewer attacks from your first spell. This makes the card to be another strong anti-aggro Priest card.

Cabal Acolyte can stop to rush-oriented decks because of its high health, its Taunt, and its effect are all counters to zoo.

With these attributes, Cabal Acolyte will expectedly be handy in a spell-focused Priest deck with cards like Embalming RiteSethekk Veil-Weave. The card could even be Embalming Rites because it’s a situational card. It is therefore expected that it would find its way into the meta.

With plenty of “steal” and “control cards” already on Priest, Cabal Acolyte is another card plus addition to the ever-growing roster.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed