LPL Summer Split playoffs: JD Gaming secures 2020 Worlds ticket after victory over LGD

LPL Summer Split
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JD Gaming will be featuring at this year’s League of Legends World Championship.

The team secured a spot at the worlds after a 3-1 win over LGD Gaming in the LPL Summer Split playoff semifinals.

JDG’s jungler Kanavi was on top of his game today. He weakened the opponent by forcing to either ban or pick his pocket Kindred pick.

In the second game, he brought out a secret Evelynn pick and took it over with a 8/1/7 scoreline, which destroyed LGD.

Although both teams had little hiccups at the beginning of the series, JD came out of on top in a game that sees the gold fluctuating between the two teams after a teamfight at around the 25-minute mark. JD destroyed LGD in teamfights after securing the Mountain Dragon Soul and finished the game 10 minutes later.

Kanavi also outsmarted LGD in the second game by bringing out a secret Evelynn last pick. This countered LGD’s composition. Despite the fact that his pick didn’t look impressive during the draft phase, Kanavi proved all doubts wrong by collecting kills around the map. LGD lost the game in 24 minutes after being massacred by an invisible monster.

In the third game, LGD went for slack and picked up steam in every lane. Their huge priority on early dragons yielded dividends as soon as they got the Ocean Dragon Soul.

JDG couldn’t withstand the Soul, and they crumbled. This were the first signs of weaknesses in the series.

In the fourth game, LGD looked like taking over from where they stopped in the third game as they picked up some tempo, which made them look like equalizing the series.

But that won’t be the case after Loken was left out of control to take over the fight following a teamfight around the Baron.

JD finished the game as soon as they took down the Nexus via the inhibitors’ top lane to win the series.

JDG qualified for the world after finishing second in the regular-season standings.