LEC 2024 Spring Playoffs Preview: Fnatic vs. Vitality – eSports 

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Fnatic and Team Vitality are two teams that will go battle in the LEC 2024 Spring Playoffs, but the two teams have struggled in recent years, most especially in the winter split.

However, they are also both bouncing back into form recently, although Fnatic lost to G2 while Team Vitality succumbed to BDS in the upper, respectively. They both improved in convincing performances in their respective losers’ brackets. For FNC, they showed up against TH to get the win, while Team Vitality was better than MDK in their clash.

Team Vitality’s star man, Photon, has been the star of the roster, as he showed his proficiency on Twisted Fate in the series when they faced MDK. The star man of the French squad will be one of the key deciders of the series with his performance. He will also be important when it comes to the Bo5, as Drafts will be crucial, and he will have the champion pool to get an edge in the top lane.

Fnatic are not short on reliable hands, as they have one in Razork and Noah to win the games. The Spanish jungler may need to work around his bot laner and get into a position to influence the game. 

Team Vitality is known to be proactive, and they may utilize Hylissang and Daglas as enablers for the team. Vitality used early roams and fast rotations to beat MDK in the last series.

For Fnatic, their play style is more focused on slow buildup and utilizing team fights; they often choose scaling champions and slow the game down to get an advantage later. This strategy has helped them greatly, especially with the rise of ADCs like Jinx, Zeri, and others.

However, real-time gameplay will definitely be different, but it will all boil down to who can execute more of their own playstyle on the day.