Gen. G’s MVP at MSI makes shocking revelation – eSports 

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Shocking revelations have exposed the health travails that the best player in the recently concluded Mid-Season Invitational 2024 faced across the duration of the tournament.

Gen. G’s support, Lehend, was named the finals MVP after helping his team defeat Bilibili Gaming on May 19 to lift the Mid-Season Invitational 2024 trophy, but not many were aware of his poor health.

On Sunday, May 20, a part of Lehends’s live stream where he revealed the details about his health was made public as Lehends revealed that his condition was so critical and serious during the MSI 2024 that he had to get IV drips even though those didn’t help him get better. 

Surprisingly, his health issues didn’t hinder his performance on the big stage, although he mentioned that his condition affected his team, especially during practice and scrims.

“I didn’t get better even after getting IV drips. Therefore, I couldn’t join any scrim from the match with Fnatic to the match with TES. I even missed all the banpick meetings. My whole team couldn’t scrim as well since I was sick from the get-go.” Lehend said.

In the backdrop of the revelation, players and the whole League of Legends community have been left in awe of the situation, especially considering that the player helping his team to win the trophy and cupping the MVP title himself with his impressive performance. While some are concerned about his situation, others continue to pour in accolades for what is now an even more impressive showing.

Some even believe that Lehends should be regarded as one of the goat supports in the league while stating that if he wins worlds, it will remove any iota of doubt about his status as one of the top three all-time.

Although there are little to no more updates from Lehends about his health for now, he’s expected to be taking a lot of rest after the tournament.