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For the first time in history, a proper and complete North American roster has won a Rocket League Major after G2 Stride emerged as the winner of the RLCS London Major 2024. 

G2 has been consistent in the past months, which makes their feat unsurprising. However, they become the first NA team so win a Major on European soil since 2019. They started 2024 finishing second in Copenhagen which put critical acclaim on their performance and chances at subsequent events later in the year.

When the series started, G2 Stride’s opponents, Team Falcons, started the series strongly, winning game 1, but they failed to keep up before running out of steam after their initial win. The team also failed to score a goal in three of the five games that they played in.

Although the MENA underdogs had a better amount of the crowd support but it was G2 who played the better.

Meanwhile, at the post-game press conference, G2’s Matthew “Satthew” Ackermann spoke about the team’s tactics going into the game and having to match Falcon’s playstyle after they lost round 3 of the Swiss stage 3-0.

“That version of us was definitely not us at all. So, in terms of adjusting, we first had to return to our normal level. But once we got there, we just made a couple of small adjustments. Some very small decisions that we had to change to play them because we saw what they were playing for every time they had the ball. So, once we did that, it was smooth sailing.” Satthew said.

Meanwhile, their attention will be shifted to the Rocket League World Cup after the conclusion of the 2024 Majors. The Rocket League World Cup was recently announced officially by FIFA during Championship Sunday at the RLCS London Major.

However, not a lot of details about the event have been released, but it has been positively received by fans and organizations.