Eternal Fire wins CCT Global finals 2024 – eSports

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The two-year run of Counter-Strike in the CCT circuit has come to an end with the
conclusion of the CCT Global Finals 2024. Eternal Fire emerged victorious over Team
Liquid in the Grand Finals to emerge as the champion of champions, 
The game ended in a 3:1 series win for Eternal Fire but it was far from straightforward
although ironically it could have also ended in a clean slate 3:0 win for Eternal Fire. 

The winners showed their intent from the beginning as Eternal Fire got off to a boosted
start in the series, winning two maps without breaking a sweat or resistance from Liquid.
Liquid, who knocked out Astralis convincingly on Wednesday, was a shadow of
themselves in terms of their performance. However, they eventually won a map after
taking Dust 2 to overtime. EF didn’t waste time to bounce back on Nuke to win the CCT
Global Finals 2024.

XANTARES was actively showing his prowess on the server all through for EF and he
disturbed Liquid for the entirety, they would pray not to face him anytime soon. While
the young Wicadia was struggling to keep up, Calyx was made up for it.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what move Liquid makes next, as rumors say
that they may drop cadiaN from the roster, and his performance in this Grand Final
performance may be confirmed soon.

Even if he leaves the team though, there is still more of him to be seen after the
conclusion of the CCT Global Finals 2024. However, there might be enough time to
redeem himself or perhaps play one more tournament for Liquid, who will travel to IEM
Dallas in 2024, possibly the last time the entire roster will play together.

YEKINDAR, skullz, cadiaN will all utilize the last chance to save their position on the
team but they might have to do as much as winning the tournament to successfully do

Daniel Ademiju Idowu