ESL Pro League Season 16: KSCERATO stars as FURIA moves past Movistar Riders

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FURIA recorded their second win from their second game in ESL Pro League Season 16 when they defeated Movistar Riders.

They have therefore handed Movistar Riders their second defeat in the competition.

Because FURIA conceded one map to Eternal Fire in their victory on Wednesday, many were expecting a three-map series. But that was not to be despite Movistar Riders pushing Team Liquid to the limit and almost upset the North Americans.

Once FURIA put on a masterclass on Ancient, the first map of the series was done.

The game plan and the brilliance of Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato made the Brazilian team win all 15 CT rounds in the first half.

 KSCERATO had 19 kills and only two deaths in the half, giving Movistar Riders no chance for a comeback. FURIA ran away with a 16-3 victory on the Spaniard’s map pick.

After losing to Ancient, the game went to Nuke, and Movistar Riders did not look shaken.

The Spanish side were sharp as ever. This gave them a good chance to take the series to the third map.

However, FURIA kept their cool on the CT side and didn’t allow that to happen. All thanks to the efforts of KSCERATO, who took 16-13. The 23-year-old recorded a 30-15 K/D on Nuke to finish the series with a 52-20 K/D. He also recorded plus a 105.3 ADR.

Due to this defeat to FURIA, Movistar Riders is now in a tough position to reach the playoffs of EPL season 16.

The Brazilians should go through once they win one more series.

Next on the schedule of FURIA is clashes against Team Liquid, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses next, while Movistar Riders have to face Cloud9, EG, and Eternal Fire.

Their fate will be decided in the next couple of days based on the outcome of their remaining games.

Written by Oladipupo Mojeed