ESL One Dota 2 Malaysia 2022 final: Team Aster fall at the finish line against OG

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Team Aster fumbled the bag at the finish line against OG’s unrelenting game plans in the ESL
One Malaysia 2022 finals.
This is a message to all teams to finish strongly despite sighting victory from a distance.
Team Aster never will be blaming themselves for giving OG the chance to win the title as
they fall short at the finish line.
Unfortunately, Team Aster lost their only series of ESL One Malaysia 2022 to OG, as the
European team swept the Chinese squad 3-0 in the grand finals.
The scoreboard says clean sweep, but it was a tough battle, with each game lasting upwards
of 40 minutes. During these games, Aster were left with at least a shot at winning, but their
full package was able to put together throughout the series was enough to give them the
OG won the game courtesy of their final push, where both teams had no buybacks available
on their two core players at a stage. They got to a point where whoever killed the other
team’s cores would likely win the game, and OG went on to do.
There was a standout performance for both teams in game two, but more of the accolades
go to Monet, who nearly won the game because of his astounding movement and timing
with Phantom Assassin.
As OG held the lead the entire game, Monet, on the other hand, managed to steal an Aegis
out from under the opposing team to keep the deficit somewhat manageable.
Monet almost ended up holding out against OG’s late-game push by securing a Rampage.
But OG closed things out with their available buybacks and abilities, which also shut down
Monet and Ori’s ability to make another stand.
As expected, game three was keenly contested by both teams through the early game, but
OG carried the day eventually.
OG then went on to win consecutive teamfights within 20 minutes mark to start building to
their eventual second Major win.
Written by Oladipupo Mojeed