Diana gets major overhaul on League’s PBE

Diana gets major overhaul on League's PBE
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Diana has been targeted by Riot Games on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

Ahead of the 2020 season, there has been a drastic change to her gameplay. Although this has been said not to be technically a rework, her abilities have experienced radical change, which has reshaped her identity.

Now, practically a new champion, Diana, was made to be a hybrid AP bruiser with her release in 2012.

According to the game analysts, Diana’s mishmash of skills and her counterintuitive kit made has led to an all-round lackluster experience.

Having experienced a lot of game time in competitions since her inception, she has sunk into the lower rankings of solo queue.

Although her niche and high burst damage capabilities alongside her ability to assassinate squishy targets are noted, she leaves much to be desired overall.

With several criticisms, Riot has now made some new changes expected to reshape her as a champion. The changes could give balance to her laning phase after usually falling behind in the early stages of the game.

The changes made by the game developing company are expected to address Diana’s lack of mobility and kill potential.

The first significant overhaul is her Moonfall (E) and Lunar Rush (R) abilities. Riot has now switched o around and made them suitable for their new roles in her kit while Lunar

Rush looked to be the same.

Diana can move towards a target and ensure magic damage with its changes made around tuning.

Also, the pre-six accessibility will give her the room to manoeuvre, and she would survive more, unlike during the time she has failed to sustain herself in the early game. 

Now with new Moonfall ability, Diana can use a new tuning lever to hopefully make her more enjoyable to play both for and against.

According to Riot, the Moonfal ability will ensure additional damage. Although it has much beefier slow, this will help her team fight effectively.

Diana’s kit has been made to be passive, and she has now gained a flat 10-percent bonus attack speed. So, the effect of her spell is tripled whenever she casts a spell.

Additionally, similar to her previous passive, she also deals with cleave magic damage every third strike.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed