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G2 eSports has continued to surprise and leave the Counter-Strike 2 community in disbelief after their recent signing of Snax. G2 Esports business in esports shouldn’t even be surprising, but the organization has chosen to be anything but normal.

Their decisions always leave fans skeptical, and G2 also has a history of making the most surprising roster shuffles; the latest has even dumbfounded fans who are asking a lot of questions.

G2 decently appointed Snax as their new captain, and fans are wondering when G2 will ever be normal and stop making comical swaps. Some fans believe the latest is another sign of G2’s perceived financial irresponsibility.

Many see this as an opportunity to scrutinize the plans of G2’s coach TaZ and what structure he’s trying to build at the organization, as it appears that his influence and recruitment decisions imply favoritism and a lack of eye for talent. While TaZ’s position may or can be defended, G2’s decision still leaves a lot to be desired and is sometimes deemed ineffective.

Snax has had a storied movement in the Counter-Strike scene since 2010, becoming a household name, playing for Virtual.pro along the line, and even winning the 2014 edition of CS:GO Major at Katowice. 

Despite these, people continue to question his ability and his IGL status. However, what has surprised fans with Snax becoming the captain of G2’s 2024 roster is the fact that there was initial speculation that NiKo would take on this role. 

Nevertheless, Snax has long years of experience and strategic acumen alongside TaZ, which on-paper skills are enough to earn him the leadership position as he is expected to contribute strategically and to be a big influence on G2’s performance.

Furthermore, Snax’s inclusion into G2 is a major strategy in the team’s planning, especially given that his experience is an undeniable asset. G2 hopes that Snax will prove himself at the eSports World Cup in Saudi Arabia.