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Cloud9’s League of Legends roster has been bolstered by giving a contract extension to another franchise player. It is top laner Fudge who has signed a three-year deal with the organization, which will see him stay with C9 until the end of 2026.

The organization announced the three-year contract extension on Wednesday on social media indicating a one-year extension on his previous deal that was due with C9 until the end of the 2025 season.

This will see the veteran stay on beyond the first half of the decade and also give a stable outlook to the topside of C9 beyond next year and into the next few years, especially with jungler Blaber being signed to long-term deals with the organization.

Blaber’s contract is also set to expire after the conclusion of the 2026 season. However, the big deal is that C9’s 2024 roster will likely look relatively similar to the one of this past year, as they have managed to keep the core of players intact. 

The team offered jungler Blaber a three-year extension on Tuesday, and with Fudge also signing a similar deal, they will continue one of the longest-running and most efficient topside duos in the North American League scene. 

C9 fans are eating well at this period as AD carry Berserker has a contract that runs through the end of 2025.

The few players that C9 parted ways with, including support Zven, who stated that he wanted to look for more opportunities as an ADC and thus declared free agency. 

Mid-laner EMENES retired from pro-League earlier this month, and C9 is expected to replace their vacant slots, which are unfilled yet.

However, C9 has reached verbal agreements with several free agents at those positions, with former FlyQuest support Vulcan set to reportedly return to the organization and reigning LCS MVP Jojopyun in line to play mid for C9 next season. 

Daniel Ademiju Idowu