100 Thieves announces ‘new era’ of LoL roster – eSports 

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100 Thieves have taken a new route to their roster for the 2024 League of Legends. The new roster was released on Monday to showcase next year’s starting lineup for the organization, which many fans have now noticed looks a lot different from the teams the franchise has put out in the past. 

The organization has dropped four of the five heavily experienced, veteran starters from last year’s starting lineup this month and replaced each of them with younger, development-focused players with little or no experience on the LCS stage. 

The only returning player is mid-laner Quid, as the organization tagged its 2024 lineup as a “new era” for the 100T League. Quid will be surrounded by Sniper in the top lane, River in the jungle, and a bot lane pairing of Meech and Eyla. 

It’s a completely different and opposite roster compared to the 2023 roster that was focused on veterans. 100 T’s pair of carries will be Quid, and Meech for the upcoming year have only 25 professional games in between the two of them, and Quid is the only one to have played all 25.

The most remarkable addition is 17-year-old rookie Sniper, who is now getting the chance to play at the LCS level. Sniper has been making rounds in esports since 2018 as a 12-year-old when he reached the Challenger rank as a 12-year-old. 

However, since then, he’s been spending the rest of his teenage years in 100 Thieves’ developmental program, but he’ll finally have a spot on the team’s starting lineup.

Meanwhile, the team will be led by longtime LCS mid-laner and former 100T Academy head coach Goldenglue. Spookz and Kaimera will take the roles of strategic coach and head analyst, respectively. 

The young but talented 100T roster will debut when the 2024 LCS season begins in January.

Daniel Ademiju Idowu