The Protectors of the Wild (Part 2): Aiushtha, the Enchantress

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Friend of the Forest

There are always those who seem able to bring a smile to the faces of those around them, who lift the mood whenever they are there. Aiushtha does just that. She is the carefree protector of the woods, the one who listens to those in need, heals them, and works to make their homes safe once more.

Appearing to be as innocent as the creatures she strives to protect, the Enchantress is one of the land’s most friendly guardians. Having wandered through many groves and forests – and through many seasons and climates – she has helped to give a voice to the smaller creatures, those usually forgotten by the outside world. Bringing laughter at times of strife, she also listens when they talk of their homes being torn down to be used as lumber to build and fuel machines of war, or to construct villages and towns.

She takes these tales with her, uniting the denizens of the forest and telling the wider world of the suffering that has been brought against them. She hopes that her own good cheer can work its own magic, and help deliver a future that is bright for those who live under the green canopies.



Innocent, but Deadly

Although at first glance she seems innocent and harmless, this image has been very well-cultivated by the Enchantress. Indeed, she has no hesitation in battling those who aim to do harm to her or the forests. Playing upon her image, she can make her enemies regret ever attempting to harm her, almost paralyzing them at the mere thought of ever having hurt such a beautiful creature. This enables Aiushtha to strike them down without worry of further attack.

She can also persuade the forest dwellers to fight with her, supplementing her offensives with those of Trolls, Centaurs and Satyrs. Most deadly of all though are her spears, which are enchanted with the natural life energy that surrounds her. These act more strongly when the enemy is further away, so they particularly punish those who run by bombarding them with a hail of deadly projectiles.



Fellow Protectors

Given that she is a protector of the forest, it makes sense that she is acquainted with Ulfsaar, the Ursa Warrior. Both have the same goal; to look after the woods in which they and their kind are sheltered and to give the little ones the opportunity to grow and live.

An acquaintance with Rooftrellen, the Treant Protector, is also obvious as they are both protectors of the woods and forests, keeping intruders from exploiting the resources of the land, and enabling those who shelter underneath the boughs of the great forests to live peacefully.




Although more than capable in a fight, the Enchantress mainly prefers to listen and tell stories. She uses these stories to help bring the knowledge of the plight of the furtive woodland creatures to others. With her cheerful nature and her propensity to bring joy, she helps make the forest feel brighter, whilst promising a future for those left without a home, one which, thanks to the Enchantress’s natural charm, they feel they can believe in.