Everything you need to know about the LoL All-Star Event

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Everything you need to know about the LoL All-Star Event

The All-Star Event will be hosted by Riot Games in Los Angeles, California, and will take place from December 10-13. It is expected to eclipse anything that has gone before, with this year’s tournament promising to be bigger and even more exciting than ever.

All-Star Los Angeles 2015 will feature the best and most popular League of Legends players and will separate them into two teams, Team Fire and Team Ice, according to the performances of each major region at the Worlds. In addition to this, one team has qualified as the International Wildcard by winning the IWC All-Star Melbourne. This year’s Melbourne champions were Team CIS as Mid Laner Kira beat Seiya, the Mid Laner of Team Latin America, in the final. They will now form part of Team Ice.

The LPL Allstars and EU LCS will play alongside them in this team. On the other side, Team Fire have players from the LCK, LMS and NA LCS regions. They will all participate in Regional Matches, 1v1 Tournament and Fun Game modes. The winning team will be the one that collects the most points overall. They will earn an IP boost for their members in the regions they represent, while voting will determine whether they will also get a unique Fire or Ice Skin for either Nautilus, Diana or Teemo.

Let’s have a closer look at the players of each team:

Team Fire

LCK: MaRin (Top Laner, SK Telecom T1), Score (Jungler, KT Rolster), Faker (Mid Laner, SK Telecom T1), PraY (AD Carry, KOO Tigers), MadLife (Support, CJ Entus).

NA LCS: Dyrus (Top Laner, Team SoloMid), Meteos (Jungler, Cloud9), Bjergsen (Mid Laner, Team SoloMid), Doublelift (AD Carry, Counter Logic Gaming), aphromoo (Support, Counter Logic Gaming).

LMS: Ziv (Top Laner, ahq e-Sports Club), Karsa (Jungler, Flash Wolves), Toyz (Mid Laner, Hong Kong Esports), BeBe (AD Carry, Assassin Sniper), Olleh (Support, Hong Kong Esports).

Team Ice

EU LCS: Huni (Top Laner, Fnatic), Amazing (Jungler, Origen), Froggen (Mid Laner, Elements), Rekkles (AD Carry, Fnatic), kaSing (Support, H2k-Gaming).

IWC: Smurf (Top Laner, Hard Random), Dimajke (Jungler, RoX), Kira (Mid Laner, Hard Random), LeX (AD Carry, Carpe Diem), Dimonko (Support).

LPL: Koro1 (Top Laner, EDward Gaming), Clearlove (Jungler, EDward Gaming), Rookie (Mid Laner, Invictus Gaming), Uzi (AD Carry, Oh My God), Pyl (Support, LGD Gaming).

The format of the tournament

In the Regional Matches, each Team Fire region will play against each Team Ice region to collect 100 points per win. The top team from each side will then clash in a best of three encounter to obtain 300 points for the series win.

The 1v1 tournament matches are determined by a random draw but the first round will consist of match-ups between a Team Fire player and a Team Ice player. Standard 1v1 rules will apply, with the games played on Howling Abyss. The seeds will alternate between Team Fire and Team Ice players, while first place secures 150 points, second place 50 and third/fourth 25 each.

Lastly, the fun matches provide a variety of modes like Pick 10 (5v5 matches with 10 champions selected through fan voting), Assassin Mode (the matches have a blind pick and the players can only use Assassin characters, purchase potions, boots, AP/AD items and their components), Marksman Mode (blind pick matches in which the players can only use Marksman characters and purchase potions, boots, AP/AD items and their components) and so on. One For All and Tandem Mode games will also feature, while the All-Star All-Stars battle will see fans vote for one player for each position for both Team Fire and Team Ice before the fight commences. The number of points available for these fun matches varies, with the All-Star All-Stars game worth 200, Tandem Mode 100 and the rest 50 each.

The varied nature of these challenges is going to charm the audience and prove that this year’s All-Star Los Angeles competition will be a marvelous experience for all eSports fans. Who will win? It’s too close to call.

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